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Reviews of The Courage To Look Beyond

quote"Linda Morinís words of strength and example of potential are rare in this world of ill and lost souls. We petition you to take heed of her experience so that you can mimic it, bringing your life back to a purposeful place of passion. Linda is each of you, not exceptional, but totally human. Be Well. We are sure that there are those who do not understand Lindaís candid openness and somehow cringe at her truth telling. On the other hand, there are the many that are ignited by her courage to remove the veil of deception that deceives women and supports stereotypes universally. As Linda speaks, she bares her soul and brings us along with her in her journey of self-realization. THE COURAGE TO LOOK BEYOND is one of the most important books ever written on the human condition and how to mold it in your own liking. Th¨is offering is also a guide for anyone in the grips of disease and acts as a manual for recovery. To us Ms. Morinís writing is humanity at its best, providing a no nonsense humane approach to life."

... Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, PhD, LN, Hippocrates Health Institute

quote"This is Linda Morin's story. It's unbelievable the difficulties she went through. Not only was she diagnosed with cancer, but she had to endure four operations in less than a year, one being a double mastectomy, several failed relationships, custody battles for her kids (I mean, really, who would have the gull to tell a woman who is recovering from a mastectomy, let alone a double one, that she was unfit to be a mother because she wasn't well!), and, here's a topper, a confrontation with the law (I'll let you read about that one). This woman had to have a lot of encourage just to endure all that she did. To top it off, she went beyond her horrors to reach out to others, to help other women believe in themselves again. This book is a must read for anyone looking for answers to the cliff-hanging question: WHY!"

... Emily-Jane Hills Orford, the award-winning author of "The Whistling Bishop" and "F-Stop: A Life in Pictures

quote"A riveting account of a story you will want to share. It doesn't rain, but it pours, as events after events carry you chapter to chapter, through a life that should leave you broken. Linda Morin brings tears and humor, life's joys and deep-seated feelings up to the surface. An almost unbelievable tale to be true. She brings inspiration to anyone who is going through a similar, but not so similar, ordeal. Enjoy and be amazed."

... Cecile Robillard

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