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quoteAugust 28, 2014
I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE FOUND THE LOOK BEYOND BOUTIQUE and to have met Linda Morin. When I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer three months ago, I was frightened, confused and in shock. I had many questions, no answers and felt powerless as I was caught in the medical system and helplessly waiting for appointments, tests and procedures.

By dropping in to the Look Beyond Boutique I chanced to meet Linda and immediately found a kind, caring and empathetic soul. She was walking confidently much farther down the cancer path with a joy and vigour and courage that instilled much needed hope.

Her story and her encouragement to modify my diet and begin juicing my way back to health gave me empowerment and a plan to take charge of the situation and not simply let circumstances continue to overwhelm. Now I pop in weekly to the Boutique and see Linda to pick up fresh greens and share my ever increasingly good news journey.

She is always encouraging and offers small groups, seminars and information evenings to ever help and educate all of us who have been told we have breast cancer but have climbed the stairs to the third floor of The Spa Day Retreat and found the treasure in Linda and her boutique.

Now more clearly looking beyond, ... Diane, Kanata

quoteAugust 27, 2012
THE COURAGE TO LOOK BEYOND BY MS. MORIN IS A HEARTFELT PORTRAYAL WHICH HIGHLIGHTS A common struggle that is most often overlooked. Lindaís courage and clarity allow you to see the world as it should be. Most people run scared and fall directly in line and abide by the wishes of the so called professionals. She consciously determined that the limited reality offered by the physicians was not only frail and shabby but wrong. Recognizing their own innate power, MS Morin recaptured her imagination from youth and recreated herself in the image of strength and health. Although this is achievable by any of us, it is seldom accomplished.

As Linda has shown, when you find your passion and fulfill it by doing only good to yourself the results are magical. Only magical since it is rare, yet easily achieved once you care enough about life. When faced with untenable and frightening news most cower and shut off their hearts. Ms. Morinís reaction was quite the opposite. She found her disease and what would be considered by most her loss of womanhood, to be an opportunity to become who she was at the very core.

We remember this petit frightened woman when she entered Hippocrates Program. Her doubts were numerous and her fear apparent although, there was a spirit that was measurable even by those who were not watching. Searching for her way in rather than her way out, she embraced her body: as should be, BEAUTIFUL. Although all the parts were not there, the person that she is filled them up with love and sharing. Reawakening her child and embracing her femininity gave her the strength and power to forge on and become an example of what others are capable of. Upon her second stay here, she assembled dozens of women who removed their blouses and bras. Some of which were absent of bosoms and accomplished a photo shoot. She then sat down and wrote an article about her liberation from death and dying which was published in one of our magazines. If I must say myself it was one of the most poignant and enriching assembly of words and images that we ever had the pleasure to publish.

We are sure that there are those who do not understand Lindaís candid openness and somehow cringe at her truth telling. On the other hand, there are the many that are ignited by her courage to remove the veil of deception that deceives women and supports stereotypes universally. As Linda speaks, she bares her soul and brings us along with her in her journey of self-realization. THE COURAGE TO LOOK BEYOND is one of the most important books ever written on the human condition and how to mold in in your own liking. This offering is also a guide for anyone in the grips of disease and acts as a manual for recovery. To us Ms. Morinís writing is humanity at its best. providing a no nonsense humane approach to life.

Be Well,

... Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement, PhD, LN, Hippocrates Health Institute

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